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Auto Gorilla Blue ·  Advanced Seeds 

This strain gets its name so you get to stick the tricomas on the scissors when it comes to manicuring it. The Gorilla Glue is a powerful hybrid that offers great euphoria and relaxation, making you feel "stuck" to the sofa. Its buds are thick and covered with resin. In its time of flowering, it fills the environment with a strong smell of pine and bitter aromas inherited from its parental strains.

This variety carries a great story behind: from the beginning, Gorilla Glue # 4 was created by Joesy Whales and Mardogg. With it, they won in 2014 the prize for the best hybrid in the organized competitions by Hightimes of Southern California and Michigan and, since then, it has been considered one of the best hybrid strains that can be cultivated. We had the opportunity to try the Gorilla Glue # 4 and we were very impressed with that strain; so, after getting the original clone in a California event, we could not resist to start the research to incorporate it into our catalog of autoflowering. We used a clone of this champion and, on this basis, we created our Autoflowering Gorilla Glue. The result is an extraordinary variety that can reach 24% THC.


This variety has a strong pine flavor, with citrus aromas that will leave a pleasant fruity taste in your mouth. It also has chemical shades and a diesel aroma.


Gorilla Glue is one of our strongest varieties and is full of trichomes, so its effect leaves nothing to be desired: a joyful and pleasant high, extremely positive. Being a mixture between sativa and indica, it is perfect for those who seek relaxation at the same time as feelings of euphoria and strong emotions. The effects increase progressively, culminating in a strong cerebral shock.


The cultivation of this variety is very simple, it does not need special care, but if you treat it well you will be rewarded with its incredible production, which is not the largest but is one of the best quality. It produces so much resin, that you will not know where to cut it first!

The most important thing is not to stress it, so that it can develop its maximum capacity. We recommend using pots of up to 11-13 gallons (40-50 liters) to get the most out of outdoor crops. For interiors, it would be best to use spotlights of 600 - 1000 watts per m2 with the possibility of growing up to 16 plants in this space.

It develops very well both in indoor, outdoor crops, such as Green House. And the time to harvest this marvel is only 2 and a half months.

Most individuals show dense, resinous buds, laden with large, sticky trichomes. In the flowering season, it gives off a pleasant scent of bitter lemon, pine and fuels.

· Growth: Indoor | Outdoor
· Gender: Feminized
· Genes: sativa indicates autoflowering
· Genetics: Gorilla Glue autoflowering
· Harvest: 8-9 week from germination
· US production: up to 1.3 pounds per light
· EU production: 400-600 g / m2 50-300 g / plant
· US Height: up to 40 inches
· EU height: 60-100cm
· THC: Very high
· CBD: 0.8%
· Autoflowering: Yes

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