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    Full Moon · Nirvana Seeds

    We came across this beautiful marijuana strain on one of our many research trips to Southeast Asia; to be precise, at the Full Moon party held monthly on the Thai dream island of Koh Phangan. Nirvana's Full Moon is everything you would want Thai weed to be like. This totally tropical Cannabis Sativa packs a trippy, almost spooky, visual high. Under high wattage bulbs, its popcorn buds become tight and heavy. Full Moon has a sweet marijuana scent and an unmistakably Thai spicy flavor.

    • Tropical Sativa with a trippy visual high.
    • Sweet marijuana scent.
    • Unmistakably Thai spicy flavor

    Plant Type    Predominantly Sativa
    Cultivation    Indoor
    Plant Height    Tall
    Effect    High (Head Trip, Cerebral Effect)
    Flavor    Spicy, Herbal
    Average Yield    350 - 450 g/m² in SOG
    Flowering Period    12 - 14 weeks
    White Strain    Yes
    Medical Use    Yes

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