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    Nirvana Chrystal is a White Widow hybrid that has been re-back-crossed with Northern Light. Two world-famous marijuana strains! Its big sticky buds give off an almost kerosene-like aroma and produce a quick-hitting high. An F1 hybrid, Chrystal produces outstanding yields of top quality grass. Its plants are much easier to manicure than White Widow. Chrystal was a first place winner of the Dutch Highlife Cup, a renowned marijuana competition, in 2002.

    • White Widow / Northern Light back-cross.
    • Kerosene-like smell, quick high, outstanding yields.
    • First place winner of the Dutch Highlife Cup.
    • Type    Indoor
    • Indica / Sativa    Hybrid
    • Feminized    Yes
    • Yield    400 - 500
    • Effect    Stoney and high
    • Grow height    Medium
    • Flowering weeks    9 / 11 weeks
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