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Critical Mass Automatic ·  Big Buddha Seeds 

For those who want it big and fast Buddha Seeds have the solution - a super fast, big yielding autoflowering strain, Created by 'Team Big Buddha' in Spain. The Critical Mas is a favourite plant of many growers looking for a huge yielding potent strong plant. We crossed the 'Critical' with our 'Automatic' pollen resulting in a super fast autoflowering strain. Expect a big plant with great yields in a time that is suitablefor all! Big 
The Critical Mas Automatic grows easily and will suprise you with a great yields...a super fast potent plant! 

  • Parents:  Critical Mass X reversed Big Buddhas' Automatic
  • Flowering time: 60% Indica 40% Autoflower
  • Genetics: From seed = 65 - 80 days
  • Sensory experience: super stoned, long lasting
  • Smell: sharp and sweet, with classic undertones
  • Taste: Spicy, hash, dark fruitiness
Big Buddha Seeds

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