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Ace Mix ·  ACE Seeds

In this stunning Pandora’s Box, excellent varieties coming from the most varied places of our planet have been combined.

In our ACE MIX, a selection of new genetics from our most recent breeding projects are at your disposal. 
New sativa/indica hybrids bred from our best parental plants have been included as well as new genetics that have not yet come to light.

  • Tipo:   Variable
  • Format:   Feminized
  • Sativa / Indica ratio    Variable
  • THC:   12-18 %
  • CBD:   Below 1 %
  • Flowering indoors:    8-10 weeks
  • Flowering outdoors:    September / October
  • Yield:   Average-High
  • Resistance against spider mites:    Average-High
  • Resistance against powder mildew :   Average-High
  • Resistance against botrytis:   Average-High
  • Resistance against white fly:    Average-High
  • Resistance against cold:   Average-High
  • Resistance against heat:    Average-High
  • Genetics:     % sativa/indica variable. Hybrids with genetics from Malawi, Panama, Guatemala, Congo, Vietnam, China, Pakistan and Afghanistan ....
  • Structure:   Variable
  • Bouquet:    Variable
  • High    Variable: We recommend average-high fertilizer levels for the whole cycle.
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