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Drgreenstore.com presents the seed K.C. 51 Auto feminized, from the Dutch bank KC Brains. Fruit of the cross between genetics K.C. 33 and the Bahia Black Head with a touch of ruderalis.

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KC 51 Auto · KC Brains

KC 51 is a hybrid cross bred from KC 33 and the genetics Bahía Blackhead y ruderalis; as such, it is an Indian / Sativa strain with sativa slanting features. The plant is very sticky and misty, it is between me and K.C. 33 and BB are an Indica / Sativa variety.

Alcanza with a surrounding height of 85 cm. and produce very sticky, misty and dry cogollos in about 10 to 11 weeks since germination, and if they are planted indoors or outdoors.

Its flowers have a great power, so it is recommended to enjoy them well and well that I have a lot of fun.

The yield is quite impressive with a 60 gr. the bad per plant.

  • KC 33 GENETICS x Bahia Blackhead x Ruderalis
  • Indica / Sativa VARIEDAD
  • Self-flowering flower type
  • Feminized SEX
  • Yield 60 gr per plant
  • CRECE en interiors, exteriors
  • FLORACIÓN TIME 10 - 11 weeks since the semilla
  • EFERTO Fuerte
K.C. Brains Seeds

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