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Cristal Paradise · KC Brains

KC Brains Seeds Crystal Paradise is a marijuana indica/sativa paradise created by K.C. Brain. It's a stable cross of two very popular cannabis strains Californian Big Bud Skunk and a male Brazil. She took over the best qualities her famous parents could ever offer. Crystal Paradise is a powerful marijuana variety. It took over Big Bud's incredible growing strength and her record breaking yield. Brazilian genes reinforced it with an ability to resist pests and mould.

K.C. Brain's cannabis seeds of Crystal Paradise produce tall leafy indica. Give it 8-11 weeks and it will thank you with great buds that bend the trunks by their own weight. Yield of 400gr m2 per plant indoor and 600-800gr per plant outdoor is average.

Features. - 

  • Type : Indica, Sativa, Indica / Sativa
  • Flowering : Photoperiod
  • Genetics : Californian BB Skunk & Brazilian male
  • Flowering Time : Medium, Long
  • Outdoor Harvest : 8-11 Weeks
  • Height : Medium, Tall
  • THC Level : Unknown
  • Characteristics : Huge buds and the reak Brasilian taste.
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