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    EL NIÑO · Green House Seeds · cannabis samen · Fem

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    1st prize Bio HTTC 1998

    According to a grower review: El nino "was very easy to work with. The plants grow very quickly and produce high quality buds. The smoke is smooth and expands in your lungs. Upon exhale a spicy and sweet taste fills the palate".

    Genetics: Haze, Super Skunk, Brazilian and South Indian.

    Effect: smooth body feeling, very pleasant high. Long lasting.

    Flowering indoor: 8 - 9 weeks. Pure quality with a yield between 400 and 700 gr/sqm.

    Flowering outdoor: in the Northern hemisphere ready by the end of September. In the Southern it finishes by April.Harvests up to 900 gr/plant.

    THC: 12% CBD: 0.7% CBN: 0.6%

    Green House Seeds

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